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Cheap hotel nights and rooms for rent. Prices from 25 lv
hotelski stai haskovo

Hotel principle

hotelski stai haskovo

Cable TV and Internet

hotelski stai haskovo

Own bathroom

Prices and amenities

The room is rented on a hotel basis for short-term use. The rate is per day per room. There are 2 beds.


The room is rented for hotel use for short-term use. The price is per day as the room has 2 beds and everything needed for a hotel room. The room is completely separate with a separate entrance on the first floor of a building. It is located next to the German Language School. Cross street at Gerogi Kirkov Str. Convenient opportunity for students, soldiers, missions, etc.


Central heating

Cable TV

Internet (Wi Fi)

Sanitary unit

Bath and toilet


Up to 3 days
  • Offers and promotions on tel: +359 896 654 616
35 lv /per night
Over 3 days
  • Individual offers on tel: +359 896 654 616
30 lv /per night

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Information about Haskovo

haskovo compressorHaskovo Municipality is an administrative, economic and cultural center of the region with developed modern technical and social infrastructure, high quality of life for residents and preserved environment. It is located in the central part of Southern Bulgaria, at the crossroads between Europe, the Middle and the Middle East, which is a good prerequisite for international, trade and cultural exchanges. In the municipality there are exceptionally favorable climatic conditions for the development of vegetable production and fruit growing. A traditionally grown technical culture is tobacco. There are also favorable climatic conditions for the creation of vineyards and the development of wine production. The industry in the municipality is multi-branch, observing the specialization in the production of machines for the food and dairy industry, tailoring and knitting production, bakery, meat processing and dairy industry, heating and household appliances. The region of Haskovo enjoys a favorable climate, convenient transport and is a natural center of cultural events. Haskovo is known as one of the cleanest and most developed cities in the country. Source:

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